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How companies are adapting to freelancers in 2022




The way we work is changing rapidly thanks to technological advancements and (ironically) a pandemic that has forced many of us to work from home. As COVID-19 spread around the world, companies had no choice but to rely on remote work. Even now, as we transition to a post pandemic-altered normal, many employees and employers are opting to work remotely. The newfound acceptance of remote working and hybrid setups is indicative of a larger trend: businesses are acknowledging that, in modern workplace, employees can be just as productive working remotely as they are in the office.

How does this affect the future of work? What will the workplace look like in the next few years and what can we do to avoid falling behind?


A 2020 Statista report indicates that half of Generation Z’s employees work as freelancers. As many full-time employees move to freelancing, many of them provide virtual assistant services for the tasks or fields that they specialize in. Today’s business owners can reap substantial benefits from this thriving market of virtual assistants. The growing pool of freelancers available makes it easier than ever to hire a virtual assistant for admin or marketing tasks.


Hiring a virtual assistant is the way to go to grow a company in this age.


Startups require smarter, more cost-effective solutions and a virtual assistant can help them save a lot of money – to be precise, they can save you up to 78% in operating costs every year. Thanks to many full-time employees moving to freelance, startups can now hire a personal assistant from virtually anywhere.


Work flexibility for businesses to reduce their budgets


In response to COVID-19’s economic uncertainty, businesses cut  budgets and hired part-time/freelance workers to remain flexible while considering 50% pay for 50% work. With a virtual assistant you only need to pay for the exact working hours and don’t have to cover the costs of medical benefits, office equipment, and other expenses of maintaining any full-time employee.


There’s no doubt that freelancing and hiring virtual assistants is an on-going trend as more and more people choose independent contract work over steady employment. If you are open to hiring freelancers and virtual assistants, you have access to a world of skills. The world lives online now, and that’s where you’ll find the best of the best.


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