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One of your most valuable assets is your staff

One of your most valuable assets is your staff

What makes your business stand out from the competition? Do you think it’s your pricing, your branding, or your website? We believe that it all comes down to your employees. Their hard work determines the success of your business. That is why a vital role of any business is to effectively support their employees. How can you do this? Salary, status, and perks are conducive to job satisfaction but the most significant factor that people appreciate is feeling valued. That is why at Virtual PA Studio we put our employees at the forefront. We know that our people are perhaps the most important aspect of our company. Throughout our highly skilled VA team, we value and nurture the relationships we build with our employees and clients based on trust, expertise, and professionalism. Our philosophy is always putting people first, so we treat each other as we would like to be treated. We believe this always leads to positive results.


Don’t just take our word for it, here are some words from our virtual assistants:


It’s like being a part of a family when you work with Virtual PA Studio. Although we work remotely and do not see one another every day, you can feel the support and value that is instilled in each other. As soon as I joined the team, I was made to feel appreciated, which I had never experienced before – Michelle


I was working alone and a bit lost when I found Virtual PA Studio but from the very first phone call I felt valued and appreciated. Joining them was easy and it was fun to meet the team, virtually and in person. They really do go the extra mile to ensure you feel part of something bigger and the support they give is invaluable. They are always ready to listen and help find solutions to any issues that arise. I got set up with my first client very quickly and value that I am not on my own but have a team to fall back on if I need it. My confidence is back and I am just loving working with them! – Colette 


I am so lucky to be working for Virtual PA Studio. Not only do I get to fit my work into my schedule but I get to work for really great people. I am always so grateful for the care, appreciation and attention I receive from Management. I know you are always only a message away from helping me with anything and it’s incredible. – Chantel 


Here are some ways a company can add value to their employees:


Celebrate special days such as birthdays and job anniversaries. Something as simple as a thoughtful birthday card or remembering an employee’s work anniversary can make your employees feel valued.


Recognise and celebrate good performance. This can be done in private through an email or phone call or celebrated publicly on your company’s social media.


Provide gift cards over the holidays. A small gesture like this can go a long way.


Host employee get togethers. This is a time for your employees to relax and mingle with each other and build stronger relationships.


The importance of employee appreciation


Employees want to feel like they are seen as human beings and that the company always has their best interest in mind. As a result, trust is built, and productivity is boosted. If workers feel that you care, you will see it in how hard they work. An appreciated employee feels invested in the success of the company and will make more calculated efforts. As a result, turnover is reduced, and brand reputation is improved. Employees who are valued are more likely to stay in their positions too. Dissatisfaction in the workplace leads to high turnover.


At Virtual PA Studio we fully understand that you cannot do everything yourself and it’s imperative to surround yourself with people who can do things quicker and smarter. We work alongside brilliant individuals. Every single one of them is a professional, who is passionate, experienced, and globally knowledgeable. Demonstrating the value we have for our assistants is our way to nurture and inspire our employees. As we know, we are all encouraged to perform well when there is a sense of appreciation and respect.