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Tracking website traffic with Google Analytics

Tracking website traffic is a good way to measure your marketing plan, and Google Analytics is a good tool for doing so. Why? Google Analytics is a powerful and free tool that lets businesses track more than 200 metrics. And since traffic to your website affects your ROI, you should monitor these metrics closely.


With Google Analytics you can analyse users’ location, engagement time, and bounce rate to learn if you are reaching the right audience, if the content you are providing on the site is useful, and whether the visitors to your site are the right audience. 


Within the audience section of the Google Analytics dashboard, you can track website traffic, see the number of pages viewed, and estimate audience interest in your content. While acquisition metrics reveal how users got to your site, and behaviour metrics tell you what pages they visited while there, audience metrics comprise the heart of the Google Analytics platform and are the first items you see once logged in.

Let’s take a closer look at what to look out for:

Audience location metric

Is a map of the geographic areas where your website’s content is reaching. If you see most of the traffic coming from regions outside your primary geographic market, you may have to create new geo-specific strategies for the target audience.

Audience engagement metric

This shows how effectively you are capturing the audience’s attention. You will also be able to view metrics such as visitors’ duration, number of pages accessed, number of pages viewed, etc. When consuming content, people tend to skim or multitask, so videos can present information in a more dynamic way, encouraging visitors to stay longer on a page.

Acquisition overview

The Acquisition Overview gives you a quick view of the top channels sending visitors to your website, as well as the associated acquisition, behaviour, and conversions details for each channel. From here you will be able to monitor your marketing efforts on social media and google paid ads.

Bounce rate metric

A bounce occurs when a visitor leaves a website after only visiting one page. Individual landing pages’ bounce rates can be used as indicators of success or failure. Businesses can discover how to improve their sites by monitoring their bounce rate.

Sure, there are plenty more GA metrics you can track, but these will give you a good overview of how your marketing efforts are doing.

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